Review of Popular Engagement Ring Settings

The engagement ring is a symbol of one of the most important events in one’s life. So much attention is given to its design and style. It is commonly set in a noble metal such as gold, platinum and silver. Usually it carries one or more precious stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc. or a combination of such stones. The design of the ring also ranges widely from being a solid band to intricate filigree work on the band.
Each of these features attributes the engagement ring a distinct style. One subtle design feature is the stone setting or the manner in which a stone is mounted on the metal. The setting not only gives the ring a unique look but it also affects the radiance of the stone, protection for the stone and the price of the ring.

Features of some of the popular engagement ring settings are listed below.

The classic solitaire setting sports a single large stone (commonly a diamond) clasped to the band of the ring using 4-6 prongs. The stone may come in different shapes such as round, pear, square, oval, marquise, etc. This setting allows the stone to catch the most light and make the stone highly radiant. Fewer the prongs, larger the ring appears but lesser is the protection to the stone. Usually, this engagement ring setting uses a non-descript simple band so that the all focus is on the stone and not the metal. But rings with some small variations in the band’s style (such as the contour setting where the band tapers towards the stone giving the engagement ring an elegant appearance) are also popular.

Solitaire rings often sport fairly large diamonds which are relatively more expensive compared to multi-stone rings of similar size where many small diamonds are clustered.

Three-stone settings are quite popular as well. The rings tend to look large due to the number of stones and may come cheaper than a solitaire for the same size. Again, the stones may be of different shapes and are usually held by 4 prongs.

The sidestones-setting is a beautiful design where small stones adorn the bands adjacent to a single large stone. Usually these engagement rings sport a diamond in the center while the side stones may be purely diamonds or a combination of diamonds with rubies, sapphires or emeralds.

An engagement ring with a multi-stone setting sports a cluster of small diamonds packed close together to give the appearance of a single large stone. This setting is less expensive as smaller diamonds are cheaper but the ring’s radiance is also proportionately lesser in comparison to a solitaire.

Bezel setting securely clasps the precious stone with a solid band around the stone instead of prongs. This provides maximum security to the stone against getting dislodged but also limits the light captured by the stone and its brilliance. The setting is used both in solitaire rings and in rings with multiple stones.

Every engagement ring setting offers a uniquely styled ring. The rings vary significantly in price depending on the size and quality of the precious stones and the type of metal. A plethora of designs is available in various retail stores and online stores. Tiffany amp; Co. is one of the most popular and reliable outlets for diamond engagement rings. Jared is another retailer who offers many of these engagement ring settings. Blue Nile is an online store where you can design your ring by selecting the size, shape and setting style for your ring. Zales also carries most of these popular designs.

Be sure to keep your taste and budget constraints in mind when shopping for your engagement ring!

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