Ideas for Decorating Bangle Bracelets

Cheap bangle bracelets come in all colors and widths, but they do not come in many styles. Most are nothing more than smooth circles of plastic or stamped metal, and they are not usually very eye-catching or impressive. They seem as cheap as they are when it comes to style and design, but they can look far more striking. With a few easy decorating techniques they can look like designer fashion accessories. After decorating with everything from glass beads to faceted crystals they will appear exquisite and highly unique. Consider these creative ideas for decorating bangle bracelets, and add bling to cheap costume jewelry.

Wrap Bangle Bracelets with Velvet Ribbon

Decorating ordinary bangle bracelets is easy with velvet ribbon. Simply wrap the bangles with enough half-inch wide ribbon to completely cover them. Secure the ends of the ribbon with clear epoxy or a similar type of glue. If desired, use two or more colors for a completely different look. For something really unique, begin with a base of a single color of velvet ribbon. Braid three separate colors and wrap them around the bangle bracelets while allowing the base color to show through. They can be decorated to coordinate with any color.

Ideas for Decorating Bangle Bracelets
Consider Decorating Bangles with Beautiful Glass Beads

Glass beads are good for more than just stringing to create necklaces and bracelets. They can be glued onto hard surfaces to create eye-catching decorative items. Consider decorating bangle bracelets with beautiful glass beads. Since glass beads come in endless colors, shapes and styles, you can create absolutely any design imaginable. They are very easy to attach with clear epoxy or other strong types of adhesive. The open areas on the bracelets can be filled in with tiny seed beads for a unique new decorating technique.

Ideas for Decorating Bangle Bracelets
Embellish Bangle Bracelets with Faceted Crystals

Cheap bangle bracelets can be transformed into unique jewelry that looks far more expensive than it really is. Consider decorating plastic or metal bangles with faceted crystals. Attach larger crystals completely around the center, and fill in the sides with smaller crystals of another color. Have fun creating unique jeweled designs of your choice. No one will guess they were made from ordinary cheap plastic or metal bangle bracelets.

Ideas for Decorating Bangle Bracelets

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