How to Make a Fall Themed Charm Bracelet that looks like a hundred bucks!

How to Make a Fall Themed Charm Bracelet that looks like a hundred bucks!Fall is a beautiful colorful season to inspire creativity. There are all kinds of fall theme crafts that you can make for gifts or create for your wardrobe. One fun craft to create is a fall theme charm bracelet. With a few simple supplies such as fall inspired beads and charms, you can create your own personal fall theme charm bracelet.
Some supplies that you will need to create your autumn bracelet will be fall colored beads, charms that have an autumn theme, beading string or stretch cord, a clasp, and super glue. You can find beads and charms at your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or in the craft section at Wal-Mart. Think about the warm tones of fall such as yellows, gold, deep greens, red, brown, or orange when you are purchasing your beads.

Decide on the type of theme for autumn that you would like to follow. Center your bracelet on the holiday of Thanksgiving, or about the falling leaves from the trees. Fall is about the season of change, and represents a change, yet a close to the season. Children are heading back to school, the trees are changing colors, and winter is beginning to set in as a chill is felt in the air.

Next you will need to measure the length of your wrist to see how long your bracelet will need to be. Leave enough length at the end to tie a clasp or a knot. String your beads and the charms. Create a pattern with your colored beads and charms. String beads of every other color, and add a charm after the sixth or eighth bead. Stick with the same pattern throughout the entire design of the bracelet.

Tie your bracelet once it has been completed. Attach a clasp and knot it, or if it is a stretch bracelet, tie the bracelet together to complete it. Put a few drops of super glue on the knot to secure the entire bracelet.

Once your bracelet has been completed, you can wear the fall charm bracelet with a favorite fall outfit, or give it as a gift to a friend or family member. Also, the bracelets can make wonderful table favors at Thanksgiving time. Put a fall charm bracelet in the areas where any of the women or little girls of the family will be sitting at. Create autumn inspired key chains following the same steps as the bracelets but instead of tying them together, attach the length of the string to a key ring. Place these where the men and boys of the family will be sitting.

Jump into the season of fall and see what kinds of creations you can create with this simple design. Make just one special bracelet, or create all kinds of them so that you can have a different one each day or distribute them to anyone that you would like! The season of fall is a time of year that everyone can be inspired to create new things.

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