How to Design Your Own Two Tone Engagement Ring

Two tone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular as couples make the decision to do away with purchasing traditional rings. This may be especially true if you are a couple that likes more than one type of metal. This allows you to design your engagement rings in such a way that you can combine two of your favorite metals. It also gives you the ability to create rings that are a more accurate reflection of you and your fiancee’s own personal taste and style in jewelry. When designing your two tone engagement rings, here is what you should think about.
Don’t Worry About Matching

Don’t get caught up on trying to make you and your fiancee’s engagement rings look the same. No where is it written that they have to. It’s perfectly okay to use the bride’s favorite metals on her ring design and use the groom’s favorites on his. This is also true when picking the stones for each of the engagement rings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Feel free to experiment with metals other than the traditional gold and silver unless of course those are your absolute favorites. There are other metals to choose from when designing your engagement rings such as titanium and palladium or even platinum. This concept also holds true when picking out the stones for your rings. Don’t feel obligated to use the traditional diamond as your stone choice. Experiment with gemstones to give your rings more character and uniqueness.

Select An Appropriate Jeweler

Select a jeweler who has a history at letting couples create their own rings. This type of jeweler will usually have photos that can help you with ideas for designing your engagement rings. Jewelers experienced in this type of ring design will usually also be able to help you with suggestions on what metals might look good together and others that don’t.

Think About Engraving

Adding engraving on your ring designs can be a great way to make them more unique. This is also a way to inscribe a personalized message that is tailored specifically to your fiancee’. Be careful with this design feature though. It can become expensive if you’re not careful, especially if the jeweler charges by the letter.

Designing two tone engagement rings should be something that is beneficial to the wedding couple as a whole. The rings designs should be representative of the personal style and taste of both the bride and groom. Following the above tips should help you create engagement rings that will do just that.

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