Divorce Rings: Are They for You?

Most people can’t wait to get a ring, whether it’s a ring they bought for themselves or a ring they received as a gift from a loved one for a special occasion. Engagement rings and wedding rings seem to be the most prized types of rings, but what about a divorce ring? Is it something that you can see yourself wearing? Personally, I believe that the source of empowerment should come from within and not because it was triggered by a ring. If I were to wear one, it would only symbolize what was lost and would just be a bad reminder for me. However, another person may feel differently and see it as something that is beneficial to them. Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to make your decision.
Can I afford to buy a divorce ring?

The cost of a divorce is incredibly expensive. In addition, you need money to be able to start your life over. Some divorce rings can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the type of ring that you choose. Are you willing and can you afford to put that much money aside for a divorce ring?

Am I prepared for people asking me what my ring symbolizes?

There have been many times that I have worn a ring and people have asked me what that ring symbolizes. Chances are that it may happen to you, which may lead you to encounter possibly upsetting questions about your divorce. Is that something that you are prepared to handle?

What would the ring represent?

Some people believe that divorce rings symbolize a new beginning. Some others may look at the ring and see it as a symbol of the ending of a marriage or a reminder of what was lost and is missing. It’s your personal opinion as to what you would look at the ring and see, either a beginning or an end.

Would the ring help me move on or keep me locked in one spot?

A divorce ring could be just what you need in order to push yourself forward and move on. However, to some others it may keep them remembering memories and keep them stuck in the past.

Before you buy a divorce ring, make sure that you are one hundred percent sure of your purchase. If you buy it and then realize it’s not for you, you may not be able to return it.

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