Different Types of Engagement Rings

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

A new engagement ring is a major expense in the life of a young couple. Even if the man purchases the ring, often times the cost is deferred onto a credit card or payment plan so that ultimately the couple pays for it together. However, there are ways to defray the high cost of this important symbol of love and commitment.
Generally speaking, there are two sources of expense when choosing the engagement ring: the setting and the stone. Most people tend to shop at a jewelry store they find inside a shopping mall or discount store. The majority of these present a ring as a complete package, setting and stone included for a set price. If you would like to make modifications such as changing the size of the stone, you will have to pay an additional sizing fee.

Some “engagement ring” specialty stores exist, in which you can purchase the setting and the stone separately. This is a nice alternative, but you will be stuck with the daunting task of selecting a diamond by looking at them through a microscope.

No matter where you choose to shop, you will be bombarded with the urgency of the “four C’s:” cut, color, clarity, and carat. Each of these has its own rating, and you will need to understand their significance in order to get the perfect balance between beauty and affordability. It’s enough to make anyone run screaming in agony.

All you really want is a unique or classic setting that reflects the woman’s style, and a big beautiful diamond to admire. Fortunately, selecting the perfect engagement ring does not need to be as pricey and confusing as you have been lead to believe.

The first step to engagement ring freedom is choosing the right stone. Though diamonds are traditional, there is a wonderful alternative: the cubic zirconia. Cubic Zirconia currently suffer from a reputation as a cheap knockoff, but today nothing could be further from the truth. Though a trip to your local costume jewelry store will reveal cloudy, fake-looking “CZ” jewelry, there is a higher quality of cubic zirconia available.

Most of the mass-produced CZ jewelry uses stones that are machine cut. The most quality diamonds, however, have always been hand cut. When you get a hand cut cubic zirconia, you are getting a stone that is of equal quality to the diamond. It may be hard to believe, but a one-carat hand cut cubic zirconia can be purchased for around $12.00, and is virtually indistinguishable from a diamond. Even trained professionals often perform special tests in order to tell the difference.

Where you would spend thousands of dollars for a diamond full of inclusions and of imperfect color, you could obtain a flawless cubic zirconia, or any size, for a tiny fraction of that amount. Jeweler’s Direct is an excellent source for these beautiful loose stones. And that leaves your budget free to select a setting that truly reflects personal style.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you should seriously consider substituting a hand cut cubic zirconia for a diamond. You will still be admiring its beauty years after you pay off the bill.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Affording an engagement ring can be tough due to diamond prices. Moissanite is an amazing alternative to diamonds. They are only a fraction of the price. Moissanite (silicon carbide) was first discovered in a meteor in the late 1800s. Later in 1995, jewelers started using it in the place of diamonds. Remember, who you’re giving the diamond to should not think of this as a “fake” diamond. It is a mineral.
Cubic Zirconium is another synthetic diamond. However, Moissanite is much shinier, brighter and has more quality than cubic zirconium. So, why not just boy cubic zirconia? Cubic zirconia does not have the brilliance and shine that moissanite has. Moissanite is also more durable. It is the closes you will come to a diamond.

Before purchasing a ring to give someone to wear for the rest of their lives, it is important to weigh all your options. Is a moissanite engagement ring right for your special someone? While shopping around keep in mind durability, color, shine and budget. Also, will it make him or her happy?

Durability – Several people find this surprising, but moissanite engagement rings are much more durable than cubic zirconia and diamonds. That is definitely a pro considering it will be worn daily.

Color – Moissanite can have a greenish gray tent to it in bright lights. Be sure to have a jeweler examine it in all light conditions to be sure you get a clear one.

Shine – moissanite engagement rings are more fulgent than both diamond and cubic zirconia engagement rings. Moissanite has more fire and brilliance than any of the other rings.

Budget – Budget is sometimes the most important part of shopping for a ring. This is much to moissanite jewelers advantage. Moissanite cost much less than diamonds. However, it is more expensive than cubic zirconia, but for good reason. The quality of moissanite stands right up there beside the diamonds.

Will he or she be happy – Lots of worries may cross your mind about your partners happiness when they receive a moissanite engagement ring rather than a diamond ring. As stated above, moissanite is not a fake diamond. Moissanite is one amazing mineral that is actually more durable than a diamond. If you are concerned about people asking if it’s real, don’t be. Simply say yes. It is real and no one will ever be able to tell the difference between your moissanite ring and a diamond ring.

Vintage Engagement Rings

When you know that the right woman has come in your life; you always want to make that person feel that she is special. Proposing to your beloved is one of the most significant moments in a couple’s life next to marriage. The hardest thing when proposing is finding the best engagement ring to your soon to be fiancé. Of course you just do not want to give something ordinary to the most special person in your life. Vintage engagement rings are popular nowadays. The intricate design of a vintage engagement ring will surely wow your partner. It will be a classic, elegant and timeless piece of jewelry that you can offer her.

Color, Quality and Precious Gems

There is a wide variety of vintage engagement rings to choose from. You can either opt for a silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum for the band. You can also choose other precious gemstones for the ring, aside from diamond. Vintage rings are mostly one of a kind. These types of rings are specially hand crafted. Not only they do look unique, they are also made out of very durable material. The quality of vintage engagement rings will exceed those of the modern day type. It will definitely stand out from the rest.

Timeless Beauty and Affordable Value

You do not need to burn money to propose to someone. Vintage engagement rings are very affordable, yet you will not look like a cheapskate. There are a lot of vintage stores where you can buy these types of rings. You can also check out online stores that will offer you great value for your money. There is a wide variety of vintage engagement rings to choose from when you shop online. The best part about this is that you do not need to worry that there will be a lot of the same styles of the engagement ring. Vintage engagement rings will guarantee you that you will have a unique piece.

A vintage engagement ring will surely win the heart of your beloved lady. Not only will you give her something unique, there will also be great stories to tell about the vintage engagement ring. You can ask the seller about the history of the ring, where it was made, how old the ring is or who was the previous owner, and or anything remarkable and significant about the ring you will be buying for your lady.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring has been around since the latter part of the 1800s and the early 1900s but to this day remains one of the most popular rings to propose with. This dazzling shape is a pleasant alternative to some of the more well known cuts such as Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Princess Cuts, and the oval and emeralds. Primarily because this cut essentially incorporates some similarities from all of these shapes.
It goes without saying that opting for a gemstone with a rectangular or square shape means that you are uniquely different than the majority of jewelry wearers. That said, there is one thing that cannot be ignored; women love the shape of the Cushion Cut Engagement Ring and that’s why this lovely gem has remained the apple of the eye of so many women through the years.

Before you can truly appreciate a cushion cut engagement ring, you need to understand what these adored gemstones are all about. This is a distinctive kind of ring with regards to the gemstone and how it is cut. When you hear the term, “cushion”, that is actually referring to the fact that this gem looks like a pillow.

The clarity of the diamond or other gemstone in this kind of style is often highlighted. Imagine wearing and showing off your cushion cut engagement ring as it sparkles from the candlelight. This is one type of ring that everyone is familiar with, because it’s been around for such a long time.

This kind of engagement ring is considered an antique style. It has a romantic and classic look with a four head setting. Ideally gemstones should be bigger in size to look stylish. For those who have this design, diamond gemstones are the greatest for this type of design.

It is very stylish to look at and just so you know, it does cost a lot – however, it is a wonderful investment. The more outstanding the diamond, the more expensive it will be. It holds rounded corners with larger facets that will enhance the clarity and increase the outstanding sparkle from the diamond.

Cushion cut rings are still quite rare, even in today’s modern jewelry stores. You may also have a hard time finding them, even in exclusive designer boutiques that are known for carrying some of the hard to come by jewels. That’s why your best bet is to design your own Cushion Cut Engagement Ring, that way you get exactly what you dreamed of.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Are you one of the numerous individuals with questions about Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings? It goes without saying that prior to purchasing any ring with such importance that there is going to be some typical concerns. Which stone should you select for your wedding ring? Which kind of metal should you go for and how much should you spend for the wedding ring? How much money should you spend on a particular gemstone?
Usually there are numerous men who believe that the cost of wedding ring is an issue with women. It is true that you will find ladies who give significance to the price tag but if she really loves you then price won’t bother her but what matters most is that you both talk on what is an appropriate budget for both of your rings, considering this isn’t a surprise.

Virtually every guy searching for the perfect gemstone learns how daunting this task can be if they do not know what to look for. Most women adore diamond ring sets in white gold or yellow gold. However, if you are concerned about your budget you can stop worrying because in the fine jewelry business you can discover a variety of designs, styles, cuts and sizes in your price range, no matter what it is.

Hence, you are able to effortlessly choose the wedding ring, according to your budget. And in case your spending budget is greatly reduced when you look at Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings. Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are much less expensive compared to other cuts and your lady will also adore it because of its stylish appearance. This is a great option when you want to save money!

This stunning signet is recognized as a romantic symbol with its shaped rectangular form. The cut consists of a stone with simple incision and even though they do not have as much sparkle as circular cut, it represents a regal and stylish look due to its elongated surface. The cost of this cut is much less than the princess or round cut. Its trim gives a classy and sophisticated appearance for elaborate or basic wedding ring settings.

Consider this a great investment option for engagement wedding rings because it isn’t costly as the round diamond engagement rings and you can afford to buy a larger stone also, in case your budget is tight. But you must be aware that due to its rectangular shape, you should get a four-pronged setting for better stability.

Because of its form, only these rings are paired with side stones, especially baguettes in diamonds or gemstones such as the ruby. You will discover that usually side stones are smaller and are in proportion to the central stone. Always remember that in case your woman has lengthy fingers then you have to select an appropriate size but if your lady has short and thick fingers then Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings won’t suit her fingers very well.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pink sapphire engagement rings are a new proposal trend. As brides move away from traditional white wedding dress trends, they are also moving away from diamond engagement rings. Pink sapphire is a popular choice for engagement rings for a few reasons. For starters, the color pink is very feminine and this is how many brides want to feel. Another reason is because pink diamonds are very popular among celebrities, but are often too expensive. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering a pink sapphire engagement ring.
Types of Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Like diamond engagement rings, there are a number of pink sapphire engagement ring style options. You can generally choose from gold, white gold, and platinum. While the pink sapphire may be in a solitaire setting, it is much more common for the gemstone to in combination with diamonds. There are also different shades of pink sapphire, ranging from very light pinks to darker pinks. Sapphire engagement rings can come in many different cuts, ranging from princess to emerald. The amount of money that a pink sapphire engagement ring will cost depends on numerous factors, including the size of the pink sapphire and surrounding diamonds, the color of the pink sapphire, and the cut. That being said, pink sapphire engagement rings are generally more affordable than diamond engagement rings. While they may be more expensive at high-end jewelry retailers, such as Tiffany’s, they generally range between $500 and $1,500.

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