Can an Engagement Ring Bring You Happiness for Your Life?

Can an Engagement Ring Bring You Happiness for Your Life?Engagement Rings brings joy to every women in love. Women always wish to be the last love of their guys while guys often want to be the first love of their girls. Unfair to hear yet that’s the reality. In any of this circumstance at least happiness is gained in both side.

No successful relationship has not ever encounter problems, trials, misunderstandings, jealousy, etc, yet these things only made the relationship stronger in facing any trials of life. We can’t face tomorrow if we can’t face today. Some say that a harmonious relationship should not exhibit misunderstanding because it creates chaos and sometimes ended in bitterness. Well, in fact a very soft going relationship is ended immediately. Why? Because it is boring. There is no perfect human thus no perfect relationship. Can you be happy in a boring relationship? Indeed no.

Happiness is defined in a very vague manner. One thing is for sure you know when you are happy. And most of the time happiness is brought by true love. Especially if you’re beloved ask you to be his wife and give you precious engagement rings along with a great promise. A true heart always believed that promises always come true.

But why do women see happiness in engagement rings when in fact that would mean limiting your freedom, that would mean heavier responsibilities and more sacrifices? Is it not ironic that we found happiness on things we should not be. Well you can understand how it feels when your time comes.

Theoretically speaking, the reason for such ironic behavior is the feeling of belonging to the object of your love. It’s as if you will own him and he will own you and you will be a single being. And life would not be boring even with only him. He can be the shoulder you can lean on. He can also the towel that will wipe away your tears and he can be clown when you’re sad. You may face a lot problems together but being together is also the answer to that problem.

There’s a lot say about happiness and its problem consequences, sacrifices and hindrances but we can never tell how it feels when we are not on that situation. We can only say based on what we read, what we have seen an what we have feel but the reality will still strike us when we realized that despite hardships, when you are with your beloved you will still find happiness in engagement rings.

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