An Earth Friendly Engagement Ring

If you are anticipating getting married soon and considering a ‘green,’ eco conscious wedding, you’d be really surprised at the abundance and variety of information that is available on the web. Information for planning and organizing a wedding that is not only magical but also contributes to the well being of the environment.
As we all know every wedding begins with an engagement. If you just happen to be an earth conscious person who looks out for the environment you and that special someone may consider an alternative to the traditional wedding rings.
Between the engagement and the wedding rings, most couples spend over $8,000 on these once in a lifetime mementos. For those of you who are looking to save money as well as do your part in preserving the earth, you may want to consider an alternative answer to the traditional wedding rings.

Heirloom rings are the best choice for those of us who prefer diamonds. One of the easiest and ‘greenest’ things you can do when planning your engagement and wedding, is to hand down a ring through the generations. If you are lucky enough to already have one that has been handed down by someone in your family but maybe it isn’t the right size, you can always have it resized to fit your finger. And if the heirloom piece is not quite your style, you can take it to the jeweler of your choice to have it melted down and recycled, creating a ring that’s just perfect for you. There are many websites such as, which allow you to send in raw materials that can be melted down or exchanged for store credit. This is a wonderful way to recycle any old jewelry.

Antique rings also make an excellent choice as an engagement ring. Diamonds that predate 1880 were harvested before mining operations became more environmentally destructive. When you chose to buy one of these antique rings you are not only recycling but also can be assured of doing your part in protecting the earth from the destructiveness of widespread mining pollution. To find these unique, antique rings you can search sites like EBay and, which specializes in Victorian rings.

Synthetic diamonds, which were once considered to be an automatic reason for divorce when presented as an engagement ring, are now all the rage. Since Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie have refused to wear real diamonds, synthetic diamonds have become the rage among the earth conscious, Hollywood elite. There are many different kinds of synthetic diamonds available on the market today. From cubic zirconium to flanit, your choice would depend on your personal preference. Companies such as Green Earth Jewelry offer CZ diamonds in recycled gold settings for the ultimate in earth friendly fashion.

Canadian diamonds are also a popular choice for the ‘green’ consumer looking for that perfect engagement ring. Diamonds that are mined and cut in Canada undergo very rigid environmental and working condition regulations. These regulations cause the least damage to the earth by mining pollution.

If you consider yourself one of the more ‘hip’ people who try to go against the ‘the norm’ as much as possible, then matching engagement ring tattoos would be a unique idea for you and your fiancée. Another good plus for the engagement ring tattoo is that it can’t be pulled off in the heat of anger and tossed to the side when you are upset.

And for those super, eco-conscious consumers who desire something beautiful but unique and earth friendly, Touch Wood Rings has just the thing you are looking for. Their wood rings come with either the turquoise or mother of pearl stone of your choice. They are made with fallen trees and scrap wood, so they are considered the most earth friendly engagement rings. Of course the best part is that for every ring they sell, Touch Wood Rings plants another tree in its place.

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