10 Engagement Rings Without a Diamond

Though the diamond is still the most popular stone among couples getting engaged, it is not the only choice.
There are many reasons someone may choose a stone other than a diamond. Diamonds aren’t every girl’s “best friend”. Surprising I know, but not every female on the planet loves diamonds.

Price may be another reason to go with a gem aside from diamond. Diamonds can be very expensive.

The ring can be a simple band, if that is what pleases you. The engagement ring is very personal. As long as you love it, any ring can symbolize your engagement.

A family heirloom ring; either on the side of the bride to be or the groom to be can be used. Many families have rings that are passed down. I know of one family that had a gorgeous cameo that is over a hundred years old, it has been passed down as an engagement ring quite a few times now.

If money is an issue, sometimes a couple will choose cubic zirconias. Cubic zirconium resembles a diamond and is much less expensive.

This stone is easily found in almost any jewelry store. They can be set in both simple and elaborate settings.

Moissanite, a mineral also known as silicon carbide has become very popular in jewelry stores in recent years. Though it was first found in a metorite; Moissanite that you will get in a ring setting will be man-made in a lab. Moissanite can sometimes be pretty pricey because of the process it takes to create it, though the price is still less than a diamond of the same size and clarity. JC Penney stores even have a section in their jewelry department devoted to Moissanite. The popularity of this mineral make it easy to find a nice variety of rings.

The Sapphire gemstone comes in many colors. The couple that prefers color in a ring but doesn’t want to or can’t afford the price of a colored diamond has sapphire as a nice option. Sapphires can be pink, dark blue, purple, orange and green. Cut, clarity, color and carat are all factors in price just like a diamond.

Local jewelry stores will carry sapphire rings and other jewelry. Knox Jewelers in Minnesota have a website with many beautiful color photos of custom design work. Take a look at their website to get your own quote or to have your engagement ring custom made.

Canary yellow sapphires are beautiful if you like the look of the yellow diamond.

Pale pink sapphires are a much much less expensive alternative to the pink diamond.

Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue that can be cut into many different shapes. Because of the color this gem looks particularly nice in silver, white gold or platinum settings.

Pearl is another option to look into if you want something different yet goes with everything. Pearls can be white, pink, champagne or even black in color.

Most, if not all of these engagement ring options can be found in your local jewelry store or on jewelry websites. is one of many online jewelry stores.

It matters not if your engagement ring is diamond, from a bubble gum machine or a lifesaver. All that matters is that you love it and it came from the heart.

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